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Roberto Pastuch
UFC Coach.

BJJ Black Belt affiliated internationally and MMA coach for the Serbian-Austrian UFC fighter Aleksandar Rakić

Roberto Pastuch with MMA champion belt winning at the MMA Innferno event
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Introducing roberto pastuch

Who is Roberto Pastuch?

“I was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires in the year 1980, as a child I was very energetic and had a lot of curiosity.  It was hard growing up in a country where I have no heritage, I had to fight to earn respect on the streets, but nonetheless, my childhood was good, I have a good family and a lot of friends, but probably the street fighting, that’s what brought me to become a fighter.”

Competed at the age of 8

“I start to compete at the age of 8 and trained for years and it was always because I wanted to test myself.

I could not have done it if it was not for my coaches because I asked them for directions all the time.

I did Kyokushin karate but in those times there were not so many tournaments so I decided to compete in all types of events like taekwondo or kickboxing. It was fun for me and it was more like an entertaining game but I always took it very seriously.”

Roberto Pastuch as a little boy
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Family-oriented and Meat Lover

“Today I like to spend all the time I have outside the mats with my family. My son is the biggest blessing in my life. 

If you follow me online you know I love to eat meat and I love it because growing up in Argentina it is a must. Meat is a superfood that contains everything the body needs and it helps you stay strong and sharp in martial arts, especially in competition.”

Coach of Aleksandar Rakić

“I was a kid back then in Argentina but I had a vision and I knew that I wanted to become a martial artist I wanted to coach or sensei for others, that was my destiny and I had no doubt about it. 

So when I met Aleksandar Rakic I knew from day one that he is going to be a world champion and I knew that I need to be there for him. It’s my duty. 6 years ago I met him, and from the very first day, we had an awesome relationship.

We did a lot of things together and with blood, sweat, and tears, we together witnessed many gyms that opened and close their doors to us. There were many good and bad people involved but we are brothers of the swords and we kept together no matter what. 

Roberto pastuch and Aleksandar Rakić with UFC team
Roberto pastuch and young prospects after training

Teaching Young Prospects

“Except for Aleks, right now I’m training very young talented guys that have the dream to become great fighters as well. Their spirits motivate me a lot Jure Juric, Jan Krawarik, Mathias Prehofer, and Selman! “

Opened a Path for New Prospects

“I am opening a path to my Dojo for those who wish to invest their time with me so I can support them with hard work in return. If you work with me I want to bring you discipline, based on martial art mentality, philosophy, and work, and I will help you set goals with a clear vision and projection of the goals to achieve.”

Roberto pastuch teaching at a seminar for super many students

exclusive mma consultation or training

Ready to work with roberto pastuch?

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Prospects of Roberto Pastuch

He teaches many more students daily in his private classes and seminars, these are his highlighted and active prospects


Aleksandar Rakić 

#4 in the UFC light heavyweight rankings

Rakić, born and raised in Vienna, Austria, had a passion for sports from a young age. By the time he was 19, he had already competed in over 40 fights.


Jure Juric

MMA Athlete and Prospect


Mathias Prehofer

MMA Athlete and Prospect


Jan Krawarik

MMA Athlete and Prospect


Selman Sert

MMA Athlete and Prospect

You Need Coaching When:

You lack personalized guidance

A coach who focuses only on you and your needs can give you guidance and strategies specific to you. Without this opportunity, you might miss out on extraordinary advice that can help you move toward your goals.

You are seeing slow progress

You are lacking dedicated guidance and need someone like Roberto who can help you identify areas where you need to improve, then help you overcome the challenges and make progress toward your goals.

You don’t have the network

When you consult with Roberto, if he sees that you’re doing very well, he might introduce you to other people in his circle and experts in the field. These connections can be really advantageous because they can lead to future collaborations and opportunities.

You fear burnout and stagnation

You may experience burnout and stagnation in your MMA journey, but with a private coach and his guidance, he can help you overcome challenges, manage stress, maintain a balanced life, and provide continuous support and motivation.

You have limited time

A MMA career can lead to challenges in balancing other important aspects of life, such as work, education, and personal commitments. This can cause feelings of stress and frustration. Roberto can help you prioritize and optimize your schedule so that you can get the most out of your training.

You don’t know how to progress and become a PRO

Roberto can keep track of your performance, look at what you’re good at and what you need to work on, and give you expert advice to get better.

If you have an upcoming fight and need help creating a winning-strategy, Roberto’s UFC experience might provide excellent input.

Without this kind of monitoring, it can be tricky to know for sure how much progress you’re making and what areas you must focus on to get even better than your competitor.

The way of life

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Roberto pastuch teaching at a seminar for super many students

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